Dakgalbi 4 Pax Set


Brand: Mr Dakgalbi
Product Type: Pan grilled chicken
Feature: Ready to eat
Taste: Original spicy
Texture: Tender and flavoring
Net Weight / Unit: 1200 gram chicken, 8 pcs rice cake, 8 pcs potato slices, 2 portion fried rice, 1 portion ramen and 40 gram cheese.
Certification: Halal Certificate


Although dak and galbi translate to “chicken” and “rib,” respectively, the term dak-galbi does not refer to chicken ribs. Dak-galbi (spicy fried chicken) is a popular Korean dish made with ingredients such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, basil leaves, green onions, rice cakes, and diced chicken marinated in chili sauce.

The dish was developed in the 1960s as grilled chicken nuggets, an inexpensive accompaniment to alcoholic beverages in suburban bistros in Chuncheon. It replaces relatively expensive gui dishes grilled over charcoal. Dak-galbi spread to the main area of Chuncheon, where the livestock industry flourished, providing fresh ingredients that did not require refrigeration. As a relatively inexpensive large serving dish, it was popular with soldiers and students on a budget, earning it the nickname “commoner’s galbi” or “college student’s galbi” in the 1970s.

Dakgalbi 4 pax set is composed of 2 fried rice, 1 ramen, and 2 cheese. Ingredients involved marinated chicken, rice cake, cabbage, potato slices, sliced onion, leek, fried rice, ramen and cheese. Try Dakgalbi 4 pax set today!

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